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Disclaimer: The information provided on this site does not represent the opinions/positions of either the Tideview Estates Condominium Association or the Evergreen-Harvard Group.  Documents/information provided here represents that which is publicly available and is included solely for the benefit and convenience of owners and residents of Tideview Estates.  All "official" inquiries/requests must be presented to/through the Evergreen-Harvard Group.
The association's by-laws require that the annual owners' meeting be held in April; however, the COVID-19 restrictions will surely be cause for the meeting to be delayed.

The release to the owners of the audit report of the 2019 financials is also required in April by the governing documents.  Owners are interested in seeing this report since the association suddenly ceased posting financial reports late last year.

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting.


The next meeting has not been scheduled (the March meeting was cancelled). When the meeting is finally set, meeting materials, including an agenda and financials, must be provided as required by New Hampshire statute. 


To date, the Association has been less than forthcoming and  is expected to continue to be until more owners formally complain or one or more owners hire a lawyer.

The date, time, location and agenda should be announced, and meeting materials provided, to all owners well before the meeting date; concerned owners should contact the property manager or a board member.

In order to comply with NH condominium law, the time, date, location, and agenda must be provided at least 10 days before the meeting date and the meeting materials provided to the board must also be made available to the owners at the same time the board receives them.

The NH Condominium Act (RSA 356-B)


The act/law mandates the following:

356-B:37-c Meetings of the Board of Directors and Committees of the Association. –

The following requirements apply to meetings of the board of directors and committees of the association authorized to act for the association:

I. For purposes of this section, a gathering of board members at which the board members do not conduct association business is not a meeting of the board of directors. The board of directors and its members may not use incidental or social gatherings of board members or any other method to evade the open meeting requirements of this section.

II. Not less than once each quarter, and at such additional times as may be specified in the condominium bylaws, the board of directors shall, subject to the provisions of RSA 356-B:37-d, hold an open regular meeting during which unit owners shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to comment on any matter affecting the association. At its discretion, the board of directors may meet in a meeting not open to unit owners provided the meeting is recorded and the recording is made available to unit owners for up to 30 days upon request.

III. Unless the meeting is included in a schedule given to the unit owners or the meeting is called to deal with an emergency, the secretary or other officer specified in the bylaws shall give notice of each meeting of the board of directors to each board member and to the unit owners. The notice shall be given at least 10 days before the meeting and shall state the time, date, place, and agenda of the meeting.

IV. If any materials are distributed to the board of directors before the meeting, the board of directors at the same time shall make copies of those materials reasonably available to unit owners, except that the board of directors need not make available copies of unapproved minutes or matters that are to be considered in executive session.

V. In the case of self-managed community associations, meetings of the board of directors or committees expressly for purposes of implementation of decisions made in open meetings shall be exempt from the requirements of RSA 356-B:37, 356-B:37-a, and this section.

Latest Community Information Notice (CIN) -- October 2019

Financial Reports are now being made available on TownSq and the Tideview page of the Evergreen Web Site.  They should be posted on or about the 10th of each month; if they aren't, concerned owners should contact the property manager and/or a board member. (October, 18, 2019)

Association Liability Insurance

The association's current insurance policy expires on November 1, 2019; owners should expect to receive a formal notification regarding renewal or a new policy.  Included in that notification -- as required by law (see extract below) -- must be a specific reference to any changes (premiums, deductibles, coverage, etc.) from the current policies:

356-B:43 Insurance. –

I. The condominium instruments shall require the unit owners' association, or the board of directors or managing agent on behalf of such association, to obtain:

(a) A master casualty policy affording fire and extended coverage in an amount equal to the full replacement value of the structures within the condominium, or of such structures that in whole or in part comprise portions of the common areas;

(b) A master liability policy, in an amount specified by the condominium instruments, covering the unit owners' association, the board of directors, if any, the managing agent, if any, all persons acting or who may come to act as agents or employees of any of the foregoing with respect to the condominium, and all unit owners and other persons entitled to occupy any unit or other portion of the condominium; and

(c) Such other policies as may be required by the condominium instruments, including, without limitation, workers' compensation insurance, liability insurance on motor vehicles owned by the association, and specialized policies covering lands or improvements in which the unit owners' association has or shares ownership or other rights.

II. When any policy of insurance has been obtained by or on behalf of the unit owners' association, written notice of the obtainment thereof and of any subsequent changes therein or termination thereof shall be promptly furnished to each unit owner by the officer required to send notices of meetings of the unit owners' association. Such notices shall be sent in accordance with RSA 356-B:37-a.

III. Unless the unit owners vote to terminate the condominium under RSA 356-B:34, the proceeds of the master casualty policy shall be used to repair, replace or restore the structure or common area damaged by casualty.

FY2018 Financial Audit/Review

Snow Removal Procedures


Salted sand available to residents


The city provides residents of Dover free salted sand, located at the intersection of Piscataqua and Drew roads.

Residents must bring their own supplies, such as buckets, bags and shovels.

Please note that when temperatures are below freezing, the pile can harden and be more difficult to work with.

For more information, contact Community Services at 516-6450.

Monthly assessments (condo fees) increase from $200 to $210 effective January 1, 2019


2019 Operating Budget

The rules and regulations have been amended to permit use of window-type air conditioners in the small bedroom, subject to certain requirements and restrictions.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017  Front door keys recently provided by owners have been placed within the Knox Box at the mail house for use by the Dover Fire Department.  In an emergency, personnel will be able to quickly gain entry into affected units without having to use damaging forcible entry techniques.

Any other owners desiring to have their front door key(s) placed in the box should contact the fire department and request an appointment for a representative to meet them at the mail house, open the box, and place their key(s) inside.

The insurance deductible for water damage has been increased from $5,000 to $10,000 effective immediately!  Owners are encouraged to ensure that their homeowner's insurance policy (HO-6) will cover the $10,000 deductible.

Any repainting of either the front door or the garage door should be made using the color described as "Tideview Estates Garage Door" at the Sherwin-Williams store on Central Ave. in Dover (at the North end near Weeks Crossing.)


The Association, through it's insurance, is responsible for repairs to the interior of units due to water damage -- no matter what the source of that water.  However, payment of the Association's insurance deductible for Water/Ice damage (currently $10,000/unit) is the responsibility of the owner(s) of the unit(s) suffering the damage.  Owner's homeowner/condominium (HO-6) insurance policies will cover the deductible.  The rules are as follows:


1.  If the damage is less than or equal to $10,000 (the Association's insurance deductible), the owner is financially responsible for all repairs.  Normally, the owner pays their HO-6 deductible and their insurance covers the rest.  However, If they don't have insurance, then they pay for all repairs out-of-pocket.


2.  If the damage is greater than $10,000, then the owner (and their insurance) is responsible for the first $10,000 and the Association's insurance is responsible for the balance.


Remember, water damage repair coverage is essentially "no fault."  It doesn't matter where the water came from; the owner(s) of the unit(s) suffering the damage is responsible for paying the Association's insurance deductible for damage repairs.


Note:  The deductible for insurable events other than Water/Ice is $5,000 per incident(see below).


Note:  If the source of the water is classified as a "flood", then the deductible is $25,000.

Grills and Barbeques must not be operated within fifteen feet of units.  Damage to Association buildings or fences will be the financial responsibility of the unit owner.  In addition, if the City of Dover gets involved, the unit owner is subject to cost reimbursement fees and/or fines.

Dover Fire Department Letter -- May 2011

Reminder:  Your condo/homeowners HO-6 policy need only have $10K "assessment" coverage.  In the event of a loss, the association's insurance covers the building and all installed features (walls, doors, windows, cabinets, carpets, electrical and plumbing fixtures, boiler, stove, etc.)  Your insurance only needs to pay the $10K deductible.  On the other hand, you are responsible for coverage on all of your personal belongings and for loss of use.


The 'rule of thumb' is that the Association's insurance covers everything that was in your empty unit the day you moved in, before you brought in your personal belongings.  Coverage is only applicable in the event of a defined loss; routine maintenance and replacement due to wear and tear remains the owner's responsibility. 


The Association's flood insurance has a $25K deductible. 


Letter Regarding Insurance Coverage:Insurance Agent, Aug 23 2010.pdf

Tideview Estates pages on Evergreen Management Web Site: 




The Board of Directors "normally" meets the third Wednesday of every month, except for April (where it's combined with the annual owners' meeting), July, and December.


Board of Directors:
  • Christiana Arsenault
  • Arthur Feith
  • Sheri Garrity
  • Scott Lamothe
  • Heather Wass (President) heather.tvc@gmail.com
Property Management:

The Evergreen Harvard Group
72 Portsmouth Avenue, Suite #201
Stratham, NH 03885
Ph: 603-580-5192
Fax: 603-580-5590
Management Contacts

Toby Watterson
Association Manager

Linda Malbone
Association Administrator

Lauri Young
Accounts Receivable Coordinator